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It's what Angel Eyedealism exemplifies. It's the larger-than-life, drag queen look juxtaposed with the classically trained, five-octave range vocals. It's the intense, emotional, theatrical performance, set to spiraling trip-hop beats. But she is no drag queen. She is a real woman of substance beneath all the charismatic style. And with her debut album Aggressive Cheesecake, she has proven her worth as an artist poised for international success.

Being one of the few female artists of The Rivington School art movement, Angel got her start as Angela Repellant doing edgy performance art in the EV/LES underground art scene. 


But her story begins much sooner: Valedictorian of her high school class - and voted most artistic - Angel received a full scholarship to Antioch College, where she fit right in with the nonconformist student body. After college, Angel went straight to New York City, shocking audiences with her provocative, primal, vocal performances. Her unique vocal stylings led her to study operatically, during which she discovered she had a five-octave vocal range. After harnessing her explosive range, Angel found herself performing at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center and touring Europe and Canada, all the while drawing on the healing powers of her subconscious to conquer any and all adversity she faced. When asked what the "Eyedealism" in her name means, she replied:"'Eyedealism' is the struggle against cynicism in the face of adversity."


Angel became an astrologer and taroist to balance herself in the mercurial business of show. Indeed, she thrives in the realms of metaphysics, utilizing hypnotherapy, yoga and reiki to extract brilliant visions from her subconscious. These visions add an hallucinatory element to her songs and a futuristic, psychedelic edge to her costumes and headresses. Through Angel one can vicariously experience the passion of her inner depths. "Most people want to escape the mundane, but lack the discipline or focus. I offer healthy escapism, hopefully, somehow helping listeners to get more in touch with their own inner workings," she says.


She offers fantasy in a brightly colored, glittering package. Her appeal lies in a carnival of extremes. While her music is dark, swirling, and mysterious, Angel herself is hilarious, outrageous, vivacious. While her lyrics are serious - rife with issues both personal and universal - her delivery is comedic.
The classic element is present in the opera and jazz influence yet futuristically pushing the envelope of electronica. Experimental? Maybe. Listenable? Definitely. Smooth mind jelly, filling an aching void for the masses. Surrealistic Pop.


Fans can expect to be fully entertained as live shows are very audience interactive. Unexpected phenomena is the norm as she encourages hecklers, uses props and "performance art" tactics to get a rise out of even the most jaded. Indeed, the character she presents is one of mock capriciousness, poking fun at arrogance and pretension. Needless to say, Angel's songs are profoundly original, and her band, "The Horny Spawn," get a tight groove on. Odd, quirky samples add an other-worldly dimension.


Whether catching Angel live or listening to her music one cannot help being moved. Switching from poignant to flippant, Angel helps you experience emotions as dynamic as her immense vocal range. Truly, Angel Eyedealism is a pioneer in her field. A poet, a vixen, a torch singer, as well as a stratospheric soprano. Transexuals consider her family, straight men want her, women revere her. Welcome to the carnival. Enjoy the ride.

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